Do you use positive affirmations?

I've spent a long time stating positive affirmations in the hope that it would bring more money into my life.

I've walked around saying out loud that "I am a millionaire!" - feeling rather stupid whilst doing it and then giving up when it didn't work. Have you done this too?

My conclusion was that affirmations don't work.

To be more specific though, I've learned, that they CAN work, but that saying positive affirmations ALONE doesn't work.

Do you want to know why?

If you do, then join me in this Money Mindset Class.  


In this class you'll discover :

How the Law of Attraction can help you get either everything you want or everything you don't want;

Why positive affirmations alone don't work;

How your past affects your ability to be wealthy in the future;

How your level of self worth is directly related to the amount of money you can have and hold on to;

How to override Poverty Consciousness and create a Life of Abundance.

Includes a Hypnosis Session to discover some of your own limiting beliefs about money.

Includes:  Money Mindset Masterclass and Money Beliefs Hypnosis Audio

Investment:  AUD $197



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