Aligned and Unlimited Membership 

Would you like to receive personal guidance and support from Karen on all aspects of spirituality, mindset, ascension, law of attraction, energy work and more, on a weekly basis?

Aligned and Unlimited is a Spiritual Development Membership Programme. 

The Membership includes four weekly live online classes each month:

-   a monthly energy theme class - to help you understand and navigate the current energies on the planet,
-   a life design class - so that you can incorporate effective energy work into your daily life and feel more balanced,
-   a Q@A and mindset coaching and healing class - let's delve into anything that keeps you stuck; and
-   a meditation and intuition/spiritual development class - so that you can continue to grow and develop your personal gifts and talents.

Everything is recorded to create a library of classes and meditations that you can visit again and again. 

It also includes a lively conscious community via a private forum for peer support and discussion. 


Karen Turpin

Spiritual Coach specialising in helping  Lightworkers, Healers and Spiritual Entrepreneurs become Empowered and Activated into their mission and purpose.

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