Lightworker Coaching Programme


Are you a Lightworker or Starseed who wants to take your gifts and talents out into the world but feels stuck or blocked?

Are you courageous enough to become the Magnificent Being that you were designed to be?
Are you ready to share your message and shine your light in this world?

This Lightworker Coaching Programme is only open to a small group of people who are ready to take the next step on their Personal and Spiritual Development and Ascension Journey.


Conducted over a six week period, this programme offers complete transformation, alignment and activation.

When you change on the inside, your life changes on the outside and it reflects back to you that wonderful internal transformation process. You are a unique cosmic being – there is only one of you in all of this magnificent universe and it’s your time now, to step up and be seen for who you truly are.

This programme will help you identify and strip away the limiting beliefs that have held you back in this lifetime; it will help you to stop playing small in your life; it will help you to become a more authentic version of yourself in all areas of your life – in business, in health, in personal relationships and in your relationship with yourself.

Most importantly it will help you find the courage to step out and share your unique gifts and talents with the world and it will help you find your voice, your passion and your mission, so that you can finally


Programme available from 4th March 2021.

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Karen Turpin
 Karen is a Spiritual Coach specialising in Lightworker, Healer and Starseed Empowerment and Activation.


For over 25 years Karen has taught all aspects of psychic development, healing, meditation, channelling and mediumship.  She is a Lightbody Technology Specialist, Hypnotherapist and Mindset Coach.  She is known as the Teacher to the Teachers. 

She has been a Speaker at Spiritual Festivals and events around Australia, has conducted mass healings for hundreds of people at a time and has worked with thousands of people to assist in their personal and spiritual development. 

She is passionate about empowering others to become the best version of themselves that they can possibly be and encourages all of us to uncover our own unique gifts and talents and to share them with the world.

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